Making Strides Towards Mainnet Release


Cardano’s development team is making significant progress towards the mainnet release of its Layer 2 scalability solution, Hydra. 

The core technology teams continued working on networking, consensus, and node improvements in the latest weekly development report.

The system test team made further improvements to the test framework, adding more automated tests and analyzing and fixing Nightly job failures.

The development team is also working on enhancing the performance of the DB Sync team, providing new db-sync options, and resolving technical debt and bugs. 

Meanwhile, work is ongoing on the Lace desktop development, with the team fixing issues related to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and making dark mode UI improvements.

The Adrestia team is working on extending the multi-signature feature with delegation functionality in the Cardano wallet. The Marlowe team designed a backpressure interface for Marlowe Runtime and created a new basic theory around asset preservation. 

Cardano Hydra Team Showcases Mainnet Hydra Heads In Demo Workshop

Finally, during the March monthly review meeting, the Hydra team conducted a workshop where they utilized the hydraw demo application to showcase Hydra heads running on the mainnet. 

Although this event signifies a significant achievement, the team stressed that further enhancements are required to enable the execution of applications using the Hydra Head protocol. 

Additionally, the team streamlined the roadmap to accommodate user requests and urged the community to engage in discussions. To remain informed, please join the ask-hydra Discord channel or GitHub discussions.

IOG has encouraged community members to review updates to CIP-1694 and contribute directly to GitHub. 

The successful CIP-1694 workshop in Colorado led to a Zoom conversation on March 30th, allowing attendees to review the workshop, learn more about CIP-1694, and discuss the upcoming next steps toward the age of Voltaire.

Nevertheless, as Cardano continues to make strides in its development, it’s clear that the team is committed to delivering a robust and scalable platform that can compete with the best in the market. 

With further developments on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how Cardano continues to evolve and grow.

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