Cardano Founder Laments Elizabeth Warren’s “Anti-Crypto Army” Slogan


Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has joined industry criticism of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s slogan about building an “anti-crypto army.”

The “pro-crypto” faction did not take kindly to Warren’s “anti-crypto” agenda, which she used as a cornerstone of her reelection campaign.

Sen. Warren prominently highlighted a Politico headline that read, “Elizabeth Warren is assembling an Anti-crypto Army,” on March 30, implying that she was attempting to put “government on the side of working families.”

Several crypto enthusiasts have slammed the campaign, accusing her of stifling innovation and trying to win votes.

Some of them even compared her move to the “anti-internet” campaign back in the early 90s.

However, Hoskinson’s remarks, who very eloquently and concisely expressed his opinion on Warren’s stance, attracted the attention of the crypto Twitterati.

The Cardano founder selected a gif of Michael Jordan saying the now-famous line, “It became personal with me,” and bemoaned how difficult it was to avoid interpreting it that way.

The phrase “And I Took It Personally” is a reference to a reaction image of basketball great Michael Jordan saying it during the filming of The Last Dance. The image’s captions describe a slight committed against another person.

Nevertheless, Hoskonson’s latest remarks on Warren’s campaign were considerably more subdued than his earlier criticism of Cardano or crypto critics in general.

The Cardano founder recently spoke on the five key areas of human development, in his opinion, will either make or break – humanity in the 21st century.

In the video streaming on March 29, Hoskinson highlighted “when we look back at the century from 2000 to 2100” which contains artificial intelligence [AI], quantum computing, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and blockchain technologies.

Cardano To Be The Largest EVM-Compatible Chain

In other related news, Sebastien Guillemot, a prominent blockchain developer and co-founder of Milkomeda, recently made the announcement that Cardano will overtake Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM] chains by the end of next month.

According to Guillemot, this will be made possible by Milkomeda’s release of new functionality that will let every Cardano user use any EVM contract straight from any Cardano wallet and do so all within ADA.

In addition, Milkomeda will soon introduce staking incentives for all EVM users, including creators of smart contracts. With a fully functional staking rewards scheme, Cardano will become the biggest EVM-compatible chain as a result of this, he claimed.


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